Automotive Loans

The Easiest Way to Pay Off Your Car.

Tired of No Equity when you trade? Accelerate you Payments! Pay the same car payment you pay today without the need to refinance, simply breakdown the payment biweekly and pay it off early. There is no penalty if you trade in your car or sell it before you are done paying off your loan.

Here is a basic example of how FEP LLC saves you money and helps you build equity faster:

Estimated Savings Example

$30,000 loan - 12% interest rate - 5 years

Loan Terms Biweekly Payments Monthly Payments
Loan Amount $30,000 $30,000
Interest Rate 12%
Payment Amount $335.34 $670.67
Time to Repay 55 months 60 months
Payments Reduced 5 months 0 months
Increased Equity at Pay Off $3,000 $0

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